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“Ahimsa is the attribute of the soul, and therefore, to be practiced by everybody in all affairs of life. If it cannot be practiced in all departments, it has no practical value.”

– Mahatma Ghandi 

Live with compassion by practicing the yogic principle, ahimsa. 

The literal sanskrit translation of ahimsa means non-harm and can be best practiced with everything we do. 

Ahimsa has been practiced by yogi, hindu, buddhist and jain cultures for centuries.

And guess what… its powerful message is beginning to resonate with western society as we care to live a life of non-violence and compassion for all beings, including ourselves.

Ahimsa is one of the five yamas of Patanjali’s yoga sutras. 

It’s to be practiced in all realms of your life… from what you eat, how you interact with others, how you view your external and internal world. 

  • Ghandi is right.
  • If we don’t apply Ahimsa into all aspects of our life then there’s no practical value.



Honor your body by eating food that has not harmed another being: choose a plant-based diet.

Honor your body by moving it daily.

Honor your  body, mind and spirit by meditating daily.

Mindfully respond to the world with light and love. Even if the what or who is toxic.

Shift your internal dialogue to words that lift your spirits. 

Let go of reacting to toxic influences in a negative way.

Be kind, accepting and compassionate to all beings. 

Be kind, accepting and compassionate to yourself.


  • self-love practices
  • treat your body well
  • eat foods that have not harmed another being
  • hug a furry friend
  • smile at strangers
  • smile at yourself
  • accept and embrace the flaws of toxic people
  • recite mantras that raise your feel good vibe
  • give daily
  • allow yourself to receive 
  • meditation


I’m human.

I have many insecurities.

I have many flaws. 

I have days of self-doubt.

I have days of sadness.

But this practice helps me accept or let go of the toxic mindset that likes to make an appearance in my mind.

I may give myself a hard time for not measuring up to my own expectations… a really hard time. Such a hard time that it can trigger old unhealthy habits and welcome unwanted friends, like ED (the voice that triggers me to spiral into eating disorder or abusive behavior).

Ed still likes to make an appearance. But my spiritual ahimsa journey and mindfulness practices have given me the tools to take ED down before he gets out of control.

I remind myself to be compassionate with myself.

That I deserve to approach this mindfully… because each day will feel different.

Accept some days are good.

Some days are bad.

We’re human and not everything in life is going to run smoothly. That there is no reason to drain my mind with toxicity, because whatever is happening is okay.

I will get through it.

I always do. 

And I’m okay. I need to just be understanding and patient with myself.

And when I embrace and accept where I’m at, and give myself my own compassion that I deserve, I let go, move on, feel better and don’t spiral. 

In fact, I rise.



Yes, this applies to your diet.

To live and eat compassionately for the lives of animals.


It feels good to be a plant-based eater. 

But not only a plant-based eater, 

I’m vegan.

It’s my lifestyle.

From everything I eat, buy and wear.

It’s a good feeling to not contribute to the harm of other beings.


And feel like I’m doing my part in the betterment of this planet.

I don’t have guilt weighing on my conscious.

Knowing that all meat…

organic or not, grass-fed or not

 I don’t care how it was raised…

ALL meat is the product of an animal that suffered so someone can have a moment of satisfaction.

Also, the product of someone feeling the slightest feeling of guilt knowing they’re eating someone that sacrificed their life.

If you eat meat, and you’re not a sociopath… and you’ve been introduced to how animals are treated, or you know a life was taken for you to have a moment of satisfaction… you may not recognize it in your conscious state… but there’s guilt…  

and that guilt can trigger a storm of unhealthy habits and abusive behaviors.

One step to free yourself of any guilt you’ve bottled up inside is to get rid of meat…

…then watch how easy it is to let unhealthy habits go.

Sometimes it’s hard to find compassion for ourselves: but if we seek it externally first, (i.e. with loving not eating animals), then eventually we’re more easily able to reflect that compassion onto ourselves.

I firmly believe Ahimsa is the principle that will manifest peace in the world.. and in ourselves.

Op! And see that sanskrit tattoo on my arm? Ahimsa… reminded daily.



Hope this helped, my friend.

Thanks for reading!

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