April Mantra

My April mantra is inspired by this quote by Erin Hanson

Life is unpredictable,

It changes with the seasons

Even your coldest winter,

Happens for the best reasons,

And though it feels eternal,

Like all you’ll ever do is freeze,

I promise spring is coming,

And with it, brand new leaves.

I’ve dedicated each month of 2017 to a mantra

This month has two… which ever resonates with you most:


♡ ♡


I WILL recognize it

I WILL respect it

I WILL NOT resist it

♡ ♡


♡ ♡


What’s new?

What has changed or is changing in your world that you’re having a tough time accepting?

New job?


No Job?

Newly single?


Newly taken?


New home?


New weight?


New unhealthy habit?


Is there something new in your life that you feel resistant toward?


When I remind myself to embrace this change, find a way to embrace this change, because usually there is some good in the change, then I become less resistant towards it, which usually actually helps me either heal from the situation completely or get rid of it.


For example,

(eh hem… breaking the walls down  a moment)…

A few months ago I developed some unhealthy eating habits and cravings. I didn’t have the luxury of preparing my own meals since I was traveling to new countries every few weeks. Without a stove or fridge, I took advantage of as many restaurants as possible. Though that was great for life experience, it wasn’t great my health. The “healthy” restaurants in most of Asia are not like the health restaurants in LA — and definitely not healthy like my own kitchen. My tummy became a little softer as I was craving more sugar and salt… and I was not wanting to workout like I used to. I was becoming resistant to this weight change which only led to further weight gain.


But I knew better. It was the universe’s way of telling me to practice what I preached…


So.. I dug up my spiritual toolbox and decided to embrace the change.


I reminded myself that I was as healthy as I possibly could be, and that this adventure was so worth it. And truly felt that.


Now my body is healing and slimming down — and I manifested my own kitchen so I can prepare my own foods!

When I recognize I am resistant I will remind my to embrace change and…



Unlike last month’s Sanskrit mantra,

that had a time tested approach to a 40 day practice,

This mantra is one to be repeated in your mind whenever you feel…









to any feeling, thought or event in your life.

It’s a new season,

For you and for everyone.

So there will be many changes…

So whenever one comes around

Remind yourself…

  • Print these out.
  • Write it in your journal.
  • Set it as your phone background.
  • Post it to Instagram
  • Tag me (@raquellemantra) in your post so I can double tap
  • Send it to an Irish friend.
  • Send it to a friend who could use some luck right now.
  • And most importantly,
  • Repeat it to yourself every single day.

Read the Sanskrit mantra for MARCH


Let me know in the comments below if this mantra resonates with you!

xo & namaste,

  • Raquelle