February Mantra

My February mantra is inspired by the theme of the month

♡ ♡





February, the month of love.

The month to spread love.

Give love

Receive love

Feel loved

But let’s be honest,

If you’re a single dingle

Or in a not-so-loving relationship


This is also the month of loneliness


But loneliness will only be present in those who do not embody one thing

The one thing that allows you to experience TRUE love

Not dependent  “love”

not “oh-you’re-my-family-so-I-must-love-you” love


And this love allows you to

Give love 

Receive love

And feel loved


Without actually having another romantic partner 


 You deserve to feel beautiful 






 And loved

 Without feeling dependent on another person to bring you these feelings

 Because I have news for you, my friend… 

these feelings from the other will come 

Then they will go

If you don’t embody this one thing 


 You probably already guessed what this one thing is




The most powerful trait a human can harness 

Because when she does 

She’s unstoppable

And she can easily spread this love

Give this love

 Receive this love

Feel this love

Without the need or longing for dependent romance

Then she shall manifest 

Her real soulmate

Once she loves herself

She can love and be loved — truly loved — by someone else


So carry this mantra with you

Say these words to yourself every morning during February

Even if you don’t have a problem with loving yourself

It’s important to nourish your subconscious mind

By repeating these words

And see how your true love for yourself unfolds this February

Happy Valentine’s month… to you



  • Print this out.
  • Write it in your journal.
  • Set it as your phone background.
  • Post it to Instagram.
  • Send it to your mama.
  • Place the quote in front of your toilet.
  • And most importantly,
  • Repeat it to yourself every single day.

Make it a new habit to close your eyes and repeat this in your mind 5-10 times.


(I’d say it’s still relevant at anytime of the year)


Let me know in the comments below if this mantra resonates with you, and if you like this idea of monthly mantras.

xo & namaste,

  • Raquelle