You deserve a “mandatory meeting” with yourself to move everyday… and throughout the day.

Dedicate at least 15 minutes to break a sweat.

Whether you choose to practice yoga, lift weights, run, swim, hike, surf, bike, box, power walk, pilates, salsa, hula-hoop, do the robot… make daily movement a habit. 

For optimal endurance and athletic ability, vary up the workouts and the intensity. Some high intensity days, some low intensity days. 

But if you’re not interested in “fitness”, be mindful to stay active. 

Never sit too long.

Walk to get your food.

Park in the furthest parking spots.

Take the stairs. 

Every little bit adds up.

So do your body a favor. Give it your love. And move.

If you think you hate exercising, well, I promise you don’t. Your body loves it… actually, NEEDS it to function.

Maybe you don’t vibe with the gym or a fitness class… try something new. Hike a mountain, swim in the ocean, karate, dance in your room naked. Get creative. 

 But whatever you do… MOVE.


do more of the workouts you enjoy not the workouts you feel obligated to do.. or dread. So running isn’t your “thing”, that’s perfectly fine (and normal). There’s a variety of different cardio exercises to get your heart rate up. Have you tried a spin or power yoga class? Test a variety of workouts and do more of the exercises that resonate with you.

wake up and move our willpower is the strongest the moment we rise… well, after that morning groggy phase. Before other chaos, obligations and distractions arise, break a sweat to get your workouts out of the way for the day. 

the hardest part about working out is starting. Remind yourself that the “pain” doesn’t even last long. It only makes you stronger… healthier… and better looking 😉

remind yourself that you look better after each workout

accountability buddy get an exercise buddy to either workout with or hold each other accountable. Never underestimate the power of the buddy system. 

log your progress get a fitness app like runkeeper or myfitnesspal and log your progress. This will not only encourage you to move daily, but to improve your progress. Before you know it, you may start running 4 miles instead of 2. 

sign up for classes that will charge you if you cancel it’s scary… but it pushes you, because who wants to waste a dime these days? Go ahead, select your class and commit! If that’s not an option, tell someone (or the instructor) you’re going to the class for external accountability.

reward yourself write down a reward you believe you deserve only once your goal of working out daily for 30 days straight is accomplished. 


cardio of choice select aerobic exercises that rely on oxygen for the production of YOUR energy. Choose any activity that gets your heart rate to 50-75%: power-walk, hike, jog, run, swim, bike, surf, dance, power-yoga. I do cardio 5-6 days switching up the level of intensity every other day. One day: jog/run Next day: hike. I also get plenty of cardio in with the kind of yoga I do.

resistance training of choice select an anaerobic exercise to induce muscular contraction by resisting weight or your body weight with repetitions of different sets of exercises. Example: plyometrics, weight lifting or body weight exercising like push-ups, pull-ups and squats. Recommend to choose at least 1 day to focus on upper body and 1 day to focus on lower body. For me, I get a full body resistance training everyday with  my personal power yoga flows. But some weeks I choose to focus on a muscle group with basic bodyweight training on or off my mat.

yoga focus my workout of choice. There are weeks when yoga is the only form of movement I feel like practicing, because many forms of yoga are considered a holistic exercise for your body. For my practice, I like to switch up my focus. i.e. one day focus on opening hips, another day focus on backbends, and maybe I have an arm balance day or attend a yoga class for a full body flow.

choose at least one recovery day all your hard work will not pay off if you don’t allow your body to recover. Recovery days are just as important and effective as movement days. It plays an equal role in building strength, endurance and muscle. Rest days allow the muscles, nerves, bones and connective tissues to repair. Look at your schedule and select a rest day to look forward to. But I don’t recommend “vegging out like a log”. Do some form of easy, mindful movement. Maybe a long walk, yin or slow yoga flow, or basic stretches before bed.



Each week varies depending on my energy level.

Some weeks the only movement I do is some form of yoga.

Some weeks I’m loaded with energy and double up a day doing yoga and resistance training.

No matter what, I have the habit of jogging or power walking 5-6 mornings per week.

My body feels “off” if I avoid yoga and cardio for several days in a row.

Below is a sample workout week that I may plan for ahead of time. 

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cardio: jog

resistance: upper body

yoga: backbends


cardio: sprints

resistance: lower body

yoga: hip oen


power yoga


cardio: jog

resistance: upper body

yoga: arm balance


cardio: hike

resistance: lower body

yoga: inversions


hybrid ashtanga-vinyasa flow


recovery: yin


Subscribe for tips on how to plan your weekly workout with my plant-based and mindfulness lifestyle guide.