The Ranch Daily: Finally… Plant-Based Meals Delivered To Your Door

The Ranch Daily is prepared to bring you the “ultimate luxury” gift this holiday season — HEALTH… (and TIME)..


From present shopping to holiday party hopping, you deserve to have something taken off your plate. There’s not enough time in the day to spend your energy thinking about nutritionally balanced foods at every meal. And let’s be honest, this is the time of year where most people forgo their “healthy habits” because “it’s the holidays”.

Don’t allow yourself to be another person that let’s go of their health, waistline and vegan values. The Ranch Daily is ready to simplify your life and maximize your health by delivering chef-prepared, plant-based meals to your door.

And finally a delivery service with a food philosophy that mirrors my own:

to nourish our body with consciously prepared, healthy, wholesome, nutrient-rich, plant-based food.

Days before I jetted off to Bali I tasted a day’s worth of the Ranch Daily’s meals. How could I resist vibrant food that like this?

I’m happy to share a new option to my readers struggling with sticking to a plant-based diet because they don’t have the time to prepare their own healthy meal. So thank goodness The Ranch Daily’s got your back — and your tastebuds.

Dear The Ranch Daily,

Can you deliver to Bali?

(Right now The Ranch Daily only serves the Southern California area)

The Ranch Daily‘s talented chefs mindfully craft a rainbow of innovative meals filled with the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs for optimal flavor and nutrition. The meals are well-balanced, to ensure you feed your body with plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

Op! I must mention that every ingredient is ORGANIC — inspired by The Ranch’s certified organic farm in Malibu.

Here’s a sample meal of a day’s worth of food. And scroll to see what I got to enjoy:

Why The Ranch Daily is a must-try:

  • Plant-based chef-prepared
  • Gluten, dairy, SMO, soy and meat-free
  • Organic
  • Delivery will arrive the night before the date(s) you select
  • Meals are fresh and prepared less than 24 hours before delivery
  • Created with ingredients that travel well
  • No need to worry about ingredients
  • No need to count calories
    • **Three meals, two snacks and a side salad option: around 1750 calories
    • **Two meals, two snacks and a side salad option: around 1400 calories
  • No need to count macros
  • Orders are tailored to your personal schedule
  • Little to no preparation on your end
  • Seasonally inspired recipes
  • Meals have familiar flavors, like Pizza Pesto, but with wholesome, plant-based foods
  • Your belly WILL feel satisfied
  • Tastes as good as it looks
  • Feel energized and rejuvenated

Order your first plant-based meal from The Ranch Daily here


A glimpse of the healthy meals on my menu…

(note: meal options are different daily, this is only to give you an idea of what they offer).

And actively healthy snacks and dessert…





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